Brilliant Kitchen Hacks & Yummy Recipes To Make You Love Cooking

How to Put Together a Frugal Entertainment Kit for Your Family

Children and Teens can be notorious for saying that they’re bored. When you are on a tight budget, entertaining your children can be difficult. Don’t worry – you can create an endless array of entertainment options on a budget using all these ideas. You can easily put them together from a dollar store. Keep your children entertained now!

3 Strategies to Improve Scores on the SAT Critical Reading

Yes. ‘Readers’ definitely have an advantage on the SAT critical reading. Through reading, they have inadvertently developed the requisite skill set to score high in that section; however, all is not lost if your teen is not a ‘reader’. I have developed a program that teaches students how to improve their reading efficiency – speed, comprehension, focus and most importantly, confidence in their newly developed skills!

Bullying Won’t Stop Without a SYSTEM?

Bullying is hurting kids. We must stop spinning our wheels with “solutions” that don’t work. Here is the ONLY strategy that WORKS.

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