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Gratitude: Is How You Look At It

I am sitting in a Starbucks in market square in Pittsburgh. I have done a lot of writing from this Starbucks in the past 3 weeks. It’s raining outside and I am glad to be inside drinking coffee and having this time to write. While I was writing, I heard a woman at the next table say, “I hate this rain. What a crappy day.” Really! Just because it’s raining it’s a crappy day. Wow it’s really how you look at it.

Middle School Aged Students Have a Lot to Learn About Respect

I am watching with disdain as today’s middle school aged students blatantly disregard teacher’s instructions and continue to do as they darn well please. As a substitute teacher it makes my job all that much harder.

Tender Mornings With Juicy and Tender Hotdogs

Waking the kids up in the morning without actually badgering them could be a hassle, especially on a school day. Morning mayhem is normal but it could be easily controlled. However, since kids are normally hard to wake up, it is up to parents to control the situation. With the right knowledge to do this, controlling the situation won’t be so hard for any parent anymore. So to help you out, below are some suggestions on how to do away with the early morning fights and make sure that your kids wake up to tender mornings:

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