140 Characters or Less

Text, Talk or Twitter? Facebook, Facetime or Phone? There are just too many choices for a grandmother from the generation that remembers the first “bag phone” for your car.

What To Advise Your Child When All the “Cool Kids” Smoke

When kids are at a school where the so-called “cool” kids are into smoking and other risky behaviors, it can be hard to make or keep friends, especially when fitting in may seem like the most important thing. The urge to try anything to fit in can feel overwhelming. For that reason, I recommend trying a few different tactics simultaneously to help ease your child’s transition.

The Little Girl Who Truly Made A Difference In the Lives of Those Truly Suffering

A young girl did something very special and in the aftermath of a tragedy made an impact that touched the world and the hearts of many in an act of kindness and goodwill that has inspired many people and taught us all a valuable lesson in life that we all can make a difference no matter what it is if it will help someone less fortunate than us and will provide true help and result in saving a life. I f each of us could do something in our life to help save the life of another like this young girl did then we would truly make an important step in making the place a better place to live and it all starts with random acts of kindness with nothing asked for in return, Sadly this story is very tragic as this precious little girl who made such a difference died in a car accident while out with her mom and as a result of learning of her campaign the world noticed and stepped up adding to her fund she established in her effort to help save lives. This little girl is truly very special and is an angel.

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