Teenagers – Are They Human Once They Reach 15 or Are They Aliens?

A few years ago I sat snuggled on my sofa and watched the famous “Kevin the teenager” sketch on The Fast Show and like the rest of the country thought it was hilarious. Little did I realise that rather than a comedy sketch it was a premonition of what was to come. Just like Kevin, one day in Year 9 my son turned into the dreaded teenager.

Back to School – Top 5 Ecofriendly Ideas to Carry Into The New School Year

Better for the health of individual and environment, ecofriendly school supplies are worth the search. Carry earth saving ideas forward while making choices for back to school supplies and search out products made from post consumer recycled materials – like newsprint, other papers, or recycled plastics; sustainable fibers – like hemp, bamboo, and modal; organic cotton; and stainless steel. Here is a list of the top 5 ecofriendly ideas to carry into the new school year.

Kids and Phones 101

The most common step after putting the kids into school is to give them a phone. Kids and phones are a very dangerous mix, both for you and the kids themselves. As we grow older, most of us find our phones more for entertainment than communication.

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