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CIVILITY: Not The Same As Respect

The write-up is just trying to talking about how we act to our parents as teens. Every weekend before coming home from boarding school, I mentally prepare myself to be demure and respectful, the qualities required of an ideal Nigerian Son.

Having a Child That Is Schizophrenic

The onset of schizophrenia can be any age from around 16 to 30 with some rare cases as old as 40. The average age of onset is 19. If your teenager or young adult has the following signs they may have schizophrenia: garbled speech or pauses in conversation, periods of staring in space, and inability to concentrate. They may give you an inappropriate response to a question, for example, you ask them how their day went in the middle of winter and they say, “It depends on my tennis score.” If they used to be organized but have become disorganized, along with some of these other symptoms they may have schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a thought disorder. This article will give you ways that you can be helpful and some things which are not helpful to help your child.

Shoot For the Stars and Miss With the Moon!

This is a leadership article about having HUGE dreams and taking MASSIVE action to achieve those dreams. Once people have committed to their dreams and taken action, then even if they don’t reach their goal, they still can’t help but become successful.

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