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Bullying, History, Ethic And Healing

WHAT GIVES A BOY OR A GIRL THE RIGHT TO BEAT-UP SOMEONE’S CHILD and who give them the authority to take what is not theirs? I say that all forms of bullying must be stopped immediately. But wait, before we lash-out against this scourge of society, we must take the bull (no pun intended) by the horn and flesh out from whence it came.

Best Mind Teaser Games for Kids

Mind teaser games are not only exciting, but are also highly educational. Mind teasers that enjoy maximum popularity among children are: stroop test, brain benders, cutting the cake and sequence mind teasers.

Child Care: What It Involves and What It Costs

When parents consider care for their children, just what that care entails and how much it costs are the questions usually uppermost in their minds. It’s not a bad idea to sit down and figure out what the costs will be, and what you’ll be paying for. There are exceptions, of course, and not everyone is the same. And there are significant variations depending on your location.

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