How to Protect Our Children From Internet Exploitation

While growing up, access to the world was limited to travel, TV and some print. In today’s world, it only requires a few key strokes and literally seconds to find out the answer to “who is the tallest man?” or listen to the national anthem of Tanzania, or walk-through the streets of Paris…

Choosing The Right Nursery Furniture Set For Your Baby

Finding your baby the right furniture set should always go beyond mere aesthetics. While finding a beautiful set is still a good idea, always remember, a beautiful yet unsafe set cannot keep your child out of harm’s way. When selecting your child’s nursery furniture set, there are a number of things for you to keep in mind.

How To Tell If Your Child Is Gifted

During the many stages of a child’s life, parents may wonder if their child is gifted. But coming to a definitive answer is often a difficult one because the arena tends to be largely subjective. Because no two children are alike, there are no tests to accurately measure the “giftedness” of a particular child.

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