That Anti-Feminist Message Girls’ Toys Send – Part 2

Recently, some companies began launching average-sized dolls to combat the problem of dolls being unrealistically thin. While this is a good step forward, it is by no means the end of the issue. The problem goes beyond whether or not the dolls look unrealistic. It actually extends to what they do and how much we pay attention to them.

Play Your Part in Theater Production With Your Fellow Campers

Funny skits performed at overnight campfires, family days and assemblies are among the highlights of summer sleepaway camp. Whether you’re writing the script, directing, acting or setting up the stage, theatrical performances are among the most treasured of camp traditions. From dramatic performances to comedies and musicals, skits can really knit a group of campers together and are also an amazing way to gain confidence, overcome shyness and maybe discover a love of the theater.

Gratefulness Leads to Greatness!

This teen leadership article reminds us that the greatest virtue of them all is gratefulness. One must be grateful for every moment of their life if they are going to live life to its fullest and become one of the great ones that is remembered for a long time to come!

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