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Living With Headphones

Headphones or ear buds are as common to today’s teenager as a separate phone line was to teens of the 80’s. How can you communicate with your teen when they are constantly wearing headphones? I will show you 5 ways to communicate effectively with your teen while showing respect in a positive manner.

What’s New In Learning How To Learn?

Is your child struggling in math? Are they studying for hours in the hope of getting excellent marks? How would you feel if you showed them an efficient way to study using the latest research? How may this affect all of their subjects? Think about it! You are giving them a gift worth its weight in gold!

We Can’t Think Two Thoughts At The Same Time!

Did you know that you can’t think two thoughts at the same time? This is a good thing because it gives you the power of choice. You can actually choose what to think about and then not have any room left over for what you don’t want to think about. Cool, huh?

How Do You Choose A Good Piano Teacher For Your Child?

Finding the right piano teacher for your child can open up a whole world of skill and enjoyment. It can make a huge impact on your child’s development and emotional intelligence and confidence. So how do you find a good teacher? Here we review four essential questions.

Today’s Generation

Times have surely changed since the early 1900’s. Everything is so different these days from technology, to education, and even social gatherings. Back then, it was all about family and bringing the family together.

Is Your Child Performing Optimally at School?

The school term is over and many children have received their reports. Some will have done very well and some will have performed below the expectations of their parents and teachers. If your child has under-performed, are you sure you know why the results were poor?

3 Ways to Help Your Teen Manage School Stress

Most teens (83%) say that school is a significant source of stress in their life. Learn 3 ways to help your teen manage school stress…

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