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How to Improve Listening Skills As a Parent

Listening skills are something that a lot of us could do with improving, whether it’s dealing with children or other people. But in this article I’m going to concentrate on improving your listening skills as a parent. The plus side of this is that it will improve your relationship with your children, which is one of the big reasons you had them in the first place.

ADHD Kids, Do You Need to Be More Careful With Their Freedom?

Just because a child has ADHD doesn’t make them “bad” kids however what it does make them is many times impulsive. Unfortunately what happens is when a decision has to be made whether right or wrong children with ADHD many times make quick choices and forget to consider the consequences of their actions until it’s too late. Many times battles at school and at home become battles because the many people do not understand the actions of children with ADHD.

Monsters and Ghosts – Skills in Children

Just like adults, children are afraid of what they do not know, cannot understand or cannot see. Because of this, darkness is one of the most common fears in adolescence. Fear of darkness can manifest itself in a variety of ways in children.

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