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Head Lice – What Spring Really Brings and How to Get Help

Spring Break has begun and children all over the country are heading out for spring sports like baseball, softball, and bike riding. But what’s really lurking under those protective helmets that they wear? Usually head lice!

Top Tips for Getting Your Child to Do Their Homework

It is often a struggle to get kids to do their homework and can often lead to a shouting match and become a daily frustration. However it doesn’t have to be like this. In this article the aim is to outline some ways you can help motivate your child to do their homework on a daily basis. Not only will it make your life as the parent easier, because you won’t have to be constantly nagging, but it will also help get your child to the top of the class and really help them reach their full potential.

Georgia’s Teen Driver’s Education Goes Digital

Parents of Georgia teens now have an alternative to driving to and from driver’s education classes without losing any of the in-class benefits. With this new Online Instructor Led Drivers Education program that is taught by a licensed instructor and that is State-Approved by Georgia’s Department of Driver Services.

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