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Be a Responsible Parent and Give Best the Activities for Kids

Being parents is surely not an easy job. It takes a lot to take care of kids and keep them happy for all times. Besides, one has to keep track of the acts and activities kids engage into, as safety can’t be ignored.

Dreaming of a Better India Through Our Children’s Eyes

Dreaming of a better society is much more important than success in career. We have to teach this lesson to our children. Children are ready to learn. Only our parents have to change their thinking process.

Why Should Children Join A Sports Academy?

We all want our kids to play. Playing is an integral part of growing up. But children may face following problems if they play without adult supervision:

Let’s Play

The purpose of this article is to show how important and beneficial a child’s play is to their learning experiences. These experiences are inclusive and apply to all areas of their life rather than being exclusive to one compartment of their life. Friedrich Froebel was born in 1782. He was a German educator and the founder of the Kindergarten movement. He combined the experiences that he had gained from studying plants and trees to working as a mineralogist. Friedrich Froebel’s father was a minister which greatly influenced Friedrich’s religious beliefs. His concepts stressed the spiritual dimensions of a child and how spirituality, mathematics, and nature are all connected.

Daily Personal Hygiene for Young Children

Young children love playing outdoors and getting themselves dirty or messy. However, most parents tend to worry about their children getting sick from the harmful bacteria and gems out there. To have worry-free about your kids health, learn some useful tips for instilling good daily personal hygiene habits in them.

Packing Healthy Lunches For Kids

Healthy eating is the daily general wellness mantra. What you eat and how you do it determines how healthy you will be, other factors remaining constant. This makes it a bit tricky to pack lunch for kids going to school. You are required to pack food that is less likely to go bad and healthy at the same time. Here are a few tips that could be of great help.

Four Types Of Summer Camps For Kids

Finding activities to do when school is out of session can be hard. Here are four types of summer camps that can prove both educational and entertaining for kids of all ages.

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