Nobody Likes Me – Avoiding the Teenage Wasteland

Almost nothing is more painful than feeling like no one likes you; believing this can begin at home, at school or even in your own neighborhood. These feelings are much harder to deal with in your teen years where it seems everyone is posing for approval and popularity. So many events can contribute to these feelings but once you firmly believe it, what can you do, how can you recover from the pain and rejection these feelings have caused? Let’s look at some ways that may help you step out of this like a bad Halloween costume.

Projects To Complete With Your Son Or Daughter With Loom Bands

Numerous moms and dads would like to do arts and crafts together with their young children but sometimes are uncertain how to begin. Since there are so many possibilities, loom bands are definitely something to add to your art supplies to have on hand for a number of crafting ideas.

Is Your Child Ready?

In this article, you will learn simple strategies to set your child up for success in unfamiliar situations. Learn how to eliminate frustration and meltdowns before they start!

He’s So Fine – But Is He Great to Date – Safe Teen Dating

It’s exciting when you begin to notice boys; even more exciting when they begin to notice you! Suddenly nothing is more important than how your hair looks, what you have to wear and how it looks on you. You may see your friends in a brand new way as you notice their makeup, how they talk to boys and even more, what they say about them. What you may not hear is more important that what you hear. What kind of guy are you attracted to; is he a safe date? Can you trust him? It’s important to know the signs of a guy who may end up being more problem than promising.

The United States Academy of Pediatrics Affirms That Kids Must Be Positioned Rear-Facing Till Age 2

Inside a newly published article from the American Academy of Pediatric medicine (AAP), parents/guardians are informed to get their youngsters in a rear- facing location till they attain the maximum height and weight required by law or until they attain the ages of two years and beyond. However, the AAP also emphasized the need and importance of children riding in a booster seat that are easily belt positioned for their safety until they have attained a height of four feet and nine inches and aged between eight and twelve years old. The previous policy, from 2002, advised…

Identifying the Perfect Pair of Kids’ Pajamas for Your Child

Parenthood comes with its own blueprint of changes and while there is plenty of love all around, one commodity which is often in short supply is sleep. Children do take a lot of time to settle into regular sleep patterns but often the cause of their being unable to sleep is discomfort arising from improper sleepwear. This is where the importance of identifying the ideal or perfect pair of kids’ pajamas comes in.

5 Low-Stress Birthday Celebration Tips for Busy Moms

What’s the worst part about birthdays? Planning them for someone else! Although, for mothers this may not always be the case, some take great pride and joy in planning their little one’s special day. But any mom will tell you that there is a high degree of stress that goes along with it. From invitations, planning out food, choosing the right activities, there is always an ever-growing list of things to do to make sure the big day goes off without a hitch. Here are 5 tips to make planning your child’s next birthday less stressful.

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