A Much Needed Break

You can feel it. This morning is different. The house is quiet. My daughter had her best friend spend the night last night and they are sleeping peacefully. The pressure is gone. It’s the first day of summer. Woo Hoo!!!! My daughter couldn’t wait for school to be out. (Just like your daughter) She was sick of finals and the pressure. She’d daydream about going to the beach and chilling with her friends. And I would have to reel her back in and encourage her to finish strong. She was very clear that she needed a break.

The Summer Guide For Students

Summer break has arrived! Video games may be on the to-do list, but striving for progression of a student’s career goals should be starting.

Tween Girls: Knowing When It’s Time for a Cell Phone

As parents or caregivers of preteen girls, we want them to be safe and protected. But they will need a cell phone eventually. What are some ways to know it’s time?

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