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Plastic Totes: The Dorm Students’ Best Friend

As September quickly approaches, it is a familiar scene on college campuses across the country: students lugging their belongings from their parents’ vehicles into their dorm rooms. And come May, they’ll be doing the same thing, only in reverse. Cardboard boxes get the job done, if their bottoms can hold up to all the weight, but all too often they just end up in the recycling bin only to have to start all over with new ones when the next move-in or move-out day arrives.

Youth Motivation: 3 Sure-Fire Steps Teens Need To Take Responsibility

Do you, as young people of today, feel like most things that happen to you are someone else’s fault? Even worse, do you blame someone or something else for your problems before you take responsibility for it yourself?

Suicide, An All Too Common Teen Escape

I have a passion that burns within me that I have felt for many years. It is the passion with which I have chosen to work with the youth and one that causes me much concern for them today. It is the subject of teen suicide that I speak. I feel impelled at this time to share, that as a teen, I too experienced the desperation of needing to escape and leave this life of pain, hurt, betrayal, loneliness, depression and fear. It was a deep. dark hole that I never want to ever find myself in again. And Whatever the reason one may find him or herself there, it is a very real place and I want to acknowledge that.

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