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I’m Afraid That My Kid Is a Bully: What Do I Do?

You got a call from your kid’s teacher for an emergency meeting. Once there, you found out that your kid has been on the giving end of offensive behavior: your daughter was tagged as a mean girl bully or your son was accused of being a schoolyard bully. As a parent, how can you address such behavior? Could there be something happening inside the home that could have triggered your child being a bully? What can you do to address the situation? Read on to find out.

Top Tips for Parents on Raising Girls With a Healthy Self-Esteem

Nowadays, women have made a mark in different fields of expertise which used to be dominated by men. Men and women are now treated equal in terms of rights. But little did we know that despite this equality, a lot of women still suffer from low self-esteem.

Martial Arts and Football

There are a variety of sports in the world and the two that I find the most passion in are mixed martial arts and football. Despite that the two appear to be very opposite of one another there are several similarities and differences between the two.

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