How to Get Your Kid to Read and Like It!

A friend of mine told me that his son, while perfectly capable of reading, didn’t like doing it and therefore, much to his chagrin, refused to read the novel that he had been assigned in class. If this resonates in any form or fashion, here’s a great remedy…

Developing Motor Skills In Toddlers Using Soft Play Equipment

As an infant grows into a toddler they must learn to do things that require them to have hand and eye coordination. They must be able to see something, and reach for the object successfully. They must learn to walk, to talk, to play alone, and to play with others. Soft play equipment in indoor play areas helps these children to develop these fine motor skills.

The Power of Affirmations for Kids

We all know that thoughts when repeated turn into beliefs and then become truths in our minds, right? Well the same goes for the minds of kids. In fact, the transformation of thoughts into realities begins precisely during the childhood years. The practice of turning negative thoughts into positive affirmations, therefore, can be a kid’s best friend, and an extremely valuable tool.

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