Message For Young People: Don’t Wait For The Limo

It’s great to have big dreams, but it takes a plan and some effort to make dreams come true. This is an important lesson for young people, and it’s best taught by example.

6 Ways to Create a Thriving Home Environment

What is a thriving home environment? A thriving home environment is all the circumstances, conditions, or factors that enable and encourage your family to thrive. Your daughter can be fabulous, but if she is planted in stressful or negative soil she is not going to thrive.

Secrets of Raising Better Kids and Teens in Today’s World

Raising great kids is not talk but work. Parenting or guarding young ones is one of the most difficult tasks on earth and truly it is one work we get little or no training but if it is done rightly, the rewards are fulfilling and long lasting. To raise better kids and teens, you must be intentional about it. Nothing works until

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