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Develop Emotional Boundaries

Most adolescents have a difficult time to establish their emotional boundaries. Many adolescents aren’t even able to control their emotions. Even adults have a difficult time establishing their emotional boundaries from time to time. So, it is important for adolescents to get into the habit of determining the boundaries of their emotions as early as possible.

Acknowledge and Assert Your Feelings

It is so important for us to be able to acknowledge our feelings and emotions. However, before we can do this, we have to become familiar with our feelings, and they can be very fluctuating during our teen years. But we can determine what they are through trial and error.

Develop Attitudinal Boundaries

Attitudes involve the stance you take toward others. Your attitudes define who you truly are. We all have positive and negative attitudes. Most of your attitudes depend on your personality. Some of you have more negative attitudes than positive ones. Generally, if you have a positive disposition, you will have positive attitudes. However, if you are naturally gloomy, you will have more negative attitudes than positive ones. So, take some time to do some self-analysis.

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