Adorable Christmas DIY Ideas ❄️ #shorts

Why Most Young People Don’t Benefit From Careers Advice

The best ideas don’t always work. The best ideas are seldom put into practice. You have to take action for an idea to work.

Handling Child Stress

When my four-year-old daughter, Whitney, became very upset over something trivial, I knew she was stressed-out about of upcoming move to El Paso, TX. Here I offer suggestions to help your child cope with stress by using effective communicating techniques.

About Teenage Girls With ADHD – Info for Parents

When most people think of ADD/ADHD, they usually picture a rowdy, hyperactive boy with a short attention span. This is because a lot of the most obvious boys with ADD/ADHD act out their traits as a flurry of scattered activity, visible distractibility in school, or disruptive and inappropriate social behavior.

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