Are Our Children TOO Entitled?

Every parent and grandparent want nothing but the best for their child or grandchild. But have our children grown to expect more today, even demand it? Has a desire for “stuff” clouded their values and relationships? Have they become TOO entitled, and are we unkowingly adding to the problem? This article offers a few insights and intervention to this concern.

Wooden Toy Barns And Toy Horse Stables

Quality wooden farm toys are made to be played with using a child’s imagination. They’re toys that can be passed on and have a uniqueness about them that can’t be found in the plastic ones that you find in many box stores.

Who Shut The Light Off?

You’ve probably been in a situation before when suddenly the power source or lights have blown. Everyone in the house or building panics, and asks the people around them, do you know what happened? Shortly after, people scramble around to call the local electric company to complain or try and find the main power source and see if they can fix it themselves.

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