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How Do I Control My Kids?

The title of my article is a bit misleading, but it is a question every parent asks. The answer is that from the moment your child is born, it is your job to empower them to control their own behavior. This happens over many years and throughout endless situations, but every situation is a learning opportunity.

Developing Your Preschoolers Socialization Skills

It’s easy to help your preschooler develop social skills when they have the chance to be part of fun-filled, sociable experiences like summer day camp, where activities are geared to sharing games, crafts and activities with friends under the watchful eye of trained counselors. Kids at day camp have endless opportunities to learn important skills like sharing, working as part of a team, taking turns and treating others with kindness and consideration. However, as parents we also have endless opportunities to nurture our children’s social skills.

Don’t Sit Squish on the Bottom of the Pyramid!

This article reminds us of how unproductive some of our behaviors are. If we want to climb to the top, we are going to have to do something different than what we have already been doing. The good news is that we can decide to make this change!

Boating Safety Tips for Kids

Always a big sleepaway camp favorite, boating captures kids’ sense of accomplishment, adventure and fun. Whether zipping across the water on a jet ski, skimming like a bird over the lake on a windsurfer or harnessing the breeze on a sailboat, campers love to take to the lake. Boating is a huge part of overnight summer camp recreation, and although fun is the ultimate outcome, safety is the primary priority when heading out on the water. Following are some of the major safety points for boating.

How To Use Designer Candy For A Child’s 10th Birthday Party

This article will discuss the way to plan for a birthday party for your child. It is easy to prepare for a party using designer candy as treat for guests and as part of decoration.

Safety Requirements for Kids Go Karts

Go Karts are a good choice as a gift for children between 6-12 years, and your kids will cherish them for sure. But are they safe enough? Listed are a set of safety features of go karts that you need to consider before purchasing one.

Summer Reading for Grades 1-3

Reading being the foundation of all learning, a child who learns to read well is set to excel in all other subjects. Without the subjects of math, geography, science and social studies vying for attention and focus, the summer is the perfect time to build a strong basis for this important skill.

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