32 Mini Crafts That Will Make You Smile

Dinosaur: Getting to Know the Stegosaurus

A short note about the Stegosaurus. Dinosaur information in a short note.

Tips On Choosing Ride On Toys For Toddlers

Toddlers are young explorers who learn everything by doing. Play is important to every toddler as it gives him or her, an opportunity to develop and learn new things at his or her own pace by following his interest. Ride-on toys for toddlers vary from effortless rocking horses to kid-sized power-driven vehicles. All these toys offer a lot of benefits to toddlers as they grow.

Practical Advice for Kids Playing Car Games Online

Car games for kids are gaining popularity as more kids choose to engage in safe online gaming. Nevertheless, too much of everything can be poisonous. Therefore, it is the responsibility of either parents or guardians to make sure their kids are not spending too many hours playing.

Think Safety When Flying RC Model Aircraft

When it comes to radio controlled flying one of the most important things in all of the hobby is safety, and when I mean safety I don’t just mean your own, I mean other peoples as well. If you look at the hazards you face when it comes to radio controlled flying you have to say starting up your aircraft is right at the top of the list. The percentage of people who cut their fingers, slice their fingers or even loose a finger through not starting up their aircraft correctly is quiet high.

How I Used Summer Play to Improve My Daughter’s Social Skills

To my unsuspecting daughter, we were now deep in the midst of an interactive bedtime story. But in reality, we were also deep in the midst of a Plan of Action.

Ways to Help Kids Improve Their Creative Writing

Children today are expected to learn more than ever. The list continues to expand across all subjects. Creative writing is one of those subjects that can be challenging to tackle but not impossible. When developing ways to help kids improve their creative writing, you will also dramatically enhance their literacy skills and reading comprehension.

The Importance of Pattern Recognition in Kindergarten Math

Lessons during the formative years of a child are by far the most crucial in his entire stay in school. It establishes the foundation of his cognitive abilities. This is the reason why every teacher would do everything that she can in making her subject as interesting and as informative as possible. She would make use of objects and materials that would engage the child as best as she can. In math, patterns have become a staple in every teacher’s curriculum.

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