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Object Lesson – Gift Wrapped Christmas

We are attracted by extravagantly wrapped gifts with red bows and colorful paper. But it’s not the wrapper we treasure, but the gift. Sometimes the wrapper might give clues as to what is inside, but sometimes the gift inside is a complete surprise and totally unexpected. The gift of the first Christmas was not wrapped the way the world expected either. The Jews wanted a mighty warrior with a sword in one hand and King’s crown in the other. But instead, God sent his greatest gift – an innocent, defenseless, vulnerable baby, wrapped in cloths, not wrapping paper.

How to Get Children Singing in the Classroom

Giving children the confidence to express themselves through song – and finding that confidence within yourself – can be tough. These top tips will have them singing in the classroom with gusto, even if you’re not much of a musician yourself.

How to Organise a Carol Service for Children

Organising a carol service at your school or church is an excellent way to remind children why we celebrate this special time of year. This article offers some top tips on organising a carol service for children, helping you ensure that the day is a success.

How to Get Through the Big Holiday Meal With Your Kids

‘Tis the season that is really overstimulating for kids: candy and treats, parties, travel and gifts are all exciting, and it can all be overwhelming for small children. It’s difficult to predict where your child’s overstimulation will result in a meltdown, and parents all over the country silently pray that it won’t happen at the big holiday dinner.

When I Stand In Your Shoes: An Open Letter From a Mom to a Teen

Just because I don’t understand you, talk too much and don’t listen, think I know everything (which I definitely do not), can be demanding and harsh, expect too much of you, and don’t show an interest in what you are into, doesn’t mean I still don’t love you…

Don’t Be Distracted by Tabloid-Like Headlines!

We all share the same 24-hours in each day. These 24 hours are the one of the few things that are equal among all of us humans. Are you being distracted by trashy media and trashy tabloid headlines? Let’s get busy of what really matters in our lives, and leave behind the rest.

Kids – How to Handle Allowance

How do you teach a teen to manage money? Start with an allowance. Wait! It’s not THAT type of allowance…

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