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How to Overcome Anxiety From Homework

There are many reasons why teachers assign homework, even at a young age. Homework reinforces everything the child learned during class, which gives them more opportunities to remember new concepts.

The Teen Weekend Sleep-In

Teenagers are notorious for “sleeping in” on the weekend. They like nothing better than being left alone to hibernate in peace on Saturday and Sunday mornings while the rest of family “does their thing.” Teens expect to be allowed to use the weekend to “catch up” or “pay off” the sleep debt they run up during the week. However, if they are allowed to sleep to their heart’s content, their sleep/wake cycle will be disrupted. Parents can help their teens break the cycle of sleep deprivation by guiding them toward a “good sleep hygiene” regimen.

The New Apps for Summer Learning

There’s no turning back from these new millennials and their attraction to all things electronic. Kids and technology go together like peanut butter and jelly, but you don’t want all your child’s summer computer time to be about zapping online zombies. Instead, take advantage of that intense interest in electronics and inject a touch more learning into your child’s summer.

Academic Consequences of Teen Sleep Deprivation

To function at their academic best during the day, teen students need 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep each night. Academic potential is undermined by inadequate sleep. The academic success of our teen-children depends on parents making sure their sons and daughters get the sleep they need. The learning process is a “continuum” that includes students’ time awake in the classroom and their time asleep in their beds. Certain vital brain functions, including those associated with the learning process, are performed while students are asleep.

Safety Consequences of Driving While Drowsy

The highest motor vehicle crash rates in the United States are caused by teenagers. However, studies show that teens would have fewer accidents if they got adequate sleep every night. All drivers need clear thinking and quick reflexes. Inadequate sleep diminishes these abilities in all drivers, but especially in teenagers who have less experience behind the wheel.

Creating a Positive Study Space

Every teacher and parent has surely said how important doing your homework is. Making sure that the homework that is being assigned is appropriate and tailored to the child’s grade and age helps them to gain the most from the material possible.

When God Doesn’t Answer – Believing God Through Longsuffering – Hope for Your Wild Child Prodigal

Are you desperate to find hope for your rebellious teenager? Do you wonder where God is, and why He doesn’t seem to be helping your child, your home, and your sanity? Does it seem that your prayers are simply bouncing off the ceiling, and you have become bewildered, frustrated and angry? As a mom of a rebellious daughter, I know how tempting it can be to give up, give in and get out. I couldn’t understand how this precious child, my beloved daughter could be so surly, angry, rebellious and downright mean. The more I prayed for my child, the more frustrated I became. I begged God for answers, for help, for peace. But, things continued to get worse. I couldn’t understand how a good God wouldn’t answer my good prayer. Because I didn’t understand how God sometimes chooses to work, I gave up all peace and joy as I surrendered my precious relationship with the Lord for fear and frustration. Because I thought I knew best, I lost all faith in trust in the One that promises to be my comforter and rescuer.

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