Rebellious Teenagers, Deviant Behaviors and Believing God Through the Hard Times

Rebellious teens in the home inevitably cause pain and frustration to the entire family. Prodigal children can ultimately leave parents feeling exhausted and hopeless. When all seems lost, look to God.

Prodigal Teens and Their Salvation – Praying for Your Lost, Rebellious, Wayward Teenager

Christian parents can be tormented by a prodigal child. Parents may wonder if this rebellious child can lose their salvation? Let God’s word bring you comfort.

Encouraging Your Children To Be Creative Through Writing

A child begins to set his or her course for life when they are very little. Encouragement from an authority figure during the child’s formative years can set the tone for a lifetime of creativity and happiness. Encouraging your children to express themselves through writing is giving them a doorway to magic!

Improving the Lives of Others Improves Our Life!

This article introduces you to the universal laws or invisible forces that surround us. For example, a universal law is gravity. Drop a pencil and it will fall every time. Improve the life of others and your life will improve also. These universal laws happen whether you believe in them or not. I say let’s believe in them and use them to improve the quality of our lives.

Remedies to Career Stagnation of Senior Management Level Employees

Factually, many senior management level employees do face such ‘career stagnation’ after having worked relentlessly for over 15 years and having proved their mettle. ‘What next?’ is a question for many, giving them sleepless nights!

How to Dress Your Baby This Winter

With the winter fast approaching, don’t let the cold weather be a deterrent and keep you and your little baby cooped up indoors. You will at some point have to leave the house to carry on with your everyday activities and also to enjoy the fresh air and winter sunshine. However, your baby will need protection from the elements of the winter cold by having them wear appropriate baby clothes. But this stands true for both when indoors and outdoors.

Online Children Room Decor Is The Best Bet For Some Amazing And Useful Stuff

Why look anywhere else when you have access to the Internet? Why waste time driving from shop to shop to buy the best of things for your children’s rooms? Why be pestered by salesmen when you can go for shopping online children room decor? Very relevant questions but ones with extremely simple answers! Yes indeed, going online shopping is one of the best decisions that you can take when it comes to buying room decor items for your children.

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