20+ Amazing Recipes Your Family Will Enjoy

The Homework Wars: To Ban or Stay the Course

Homework has become a hot-button issue with defenders advocating its merits as skills and character builder. Others, though, decry it as a family burden and emotional stressor or concern themselves with children living in homes that are not conducive to learning.

What Does a Successful Teenage Girl Look Like?

Defining success is tricky, especially when it comes to your teenager. If I asked you if your daughter or son was successful what would you say? Would your daughter say she is successful? These are uncomfortable questions for both you and your daughter. Here’s why. This culture defines success in terms of ranking from the highest to the lowest.

Getting Past Worry

I hear this all the time… “The absolutely worst part of being a parent of a teenager is the constant worry. It’s horrible!” This worry, and sometimes panic is so exhausting that it makes it hard to get anything done… which magnifies the worry. Worry makes it impossible to enjoy your life or your daughter. Worrying about your daughter can consume every minute of every day and will keep you up at night.

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