Loving Your Child Is Not About Being Nice

Hearts and flowers, hugs and kisses. This is the image that comes to mind when we hear the word love. How well is that working when it comes to your kids? Does being nice, agreeable and generous result in responsible, respectful behavior? The answer to that is often ‘no’, especially when looking beyond the moment. Love and how it manifests have to change as your children grow, if you want them to grow up. Let’s take a look at a new definition of this complicated and evolving emotion.

What You Believe Controls Your Behavior

Beliefs control your choices – But what do you believe? At the core of your being, what are the things you: accept on faith? have a strong conviction about? consider to be true and honest? mentally accept about something or someone?

The Bully And The Victim – A Perfect Storm

The bully and the victim; somehow they always find one another, drawn like moths to flames. The bully; the tormentor, oppressor and persecutor watches and waits, belligerent and ready to assail the prey at every opportunity. The victim; the target, the sufferer, the casualty of the brutality of the bully, hoping their tormentor fails to notice their existence lest it all begin again. How do they find one another?

CANI – Means Constant And Never-Ending Improvement!

Tony Robbins created the word CANI, which means Constant And Never-ending Improvement! If we just practice this tiny little thing in one area of our life on a daily basis, we will surprise ourselves with how good we can become!

Top 10 Martial Arts After School Classes Near Pasadena, CA

There are many amazing after school classes which teach the martial arts to kids near Pasadena, CA. An after school class in the martial arts will help get your kid more active and fit. A martial arts after school class also helps bring them focus, confidence, and self-respect. This article lists the top 5 martial arts after school classes for kids near Pasadena, CA.

Why Secular Ethics Should Be Taught In Schools

Today’s business world spends a great deal of time and money on being ethical and grooming ethical leaders. Each and every outbreak of business scam has, time and again, highlighted the importance of doing business ethically. This brings up the question – should we not start teaching ethics at schools so that today’s children are groomed to think and act ethically. Read on…

Smart Kids, Better America

We hear way too much about how ‘uneducated’ kids are these days. Turns out, it ain’t necessarily so. In cities all over America, groups and organizations are taking it upon themselves to assure our kids are smarter than ever. I know. I work with such kids.

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