10 Ways to Teach Kids About Money

Money empowers people to make decisions, educate and motivate. Decisions on daily expenditure can have a great negative impact on kid’s financial future.

Fairy Tales That Take Me Back To My Childhood

Though the fact remains that we have no time machine, yet the travel to the past still exists. Sitting in a veranda, watching my 3 year old nephew shouting at the top of his voice throws me back to my childhood.

Gardening Could Be the Sharpest Educational Tool in the Box

When it comes to our children and how to educate them effectively, there are quite some methods. Learn about the numerous benefits of gardening.

Should You Vaccinate Your Children?

Should you vaccinate your children? This is a question that every parent is faced with almost as soon as their child is born because according to the CDC vaccination schedule, the first vaccine is given shortly after birth (HepB). This can sometimes be a controversial topic so let me fully disclose that anything contained going forward is strictly just my opinion on vaccinations for my children. I personally have vaccinated and will continue to vaccinate both of my boys because during my short stay in nursing school, I heard something that really stuck with me. “Why would you continue taking your child to a Doctor you do not trust?”. What does this have to do with vaccination? I fully trust everything that my boy’s doctor believes in and he, like most, believes in fully vaccinating his patients.

Appeasement Doesn’t Always Work!

Why are we appeasing people whom we shouldn’t in these modern days? In these modern times do we really have anything to truly fear from the so-called bully? Let’s get together today and decide that we are all going to treat each other better, and the few that don’t will be stood up to and made to feel the pressure of all the good around them until their will is bent toward living a more civilized life!

Get Ready for Back to School

It’s time to get ready to return to school. Follow a few simple steps, and you’ll be ready and organized. Then you can enjoy the remaining summer days.

Your Preschoolers and The Playground

While playgrounds are supposed to be fun for children of all ages, there are differences between what makes one safe and enjoyable for preschoolers and older students. After all, most preschoolers are only a couple of years past learning to walk and talk, so it’s important to keep their developmental level in mind when designing safe play areas. While older children might be playing elaborate games of team hide and seek or holding competitive foot races around the playground equipment during recess, preschoolers are still at a too-delicate stage of physical development for these rough and tumble activities. However, exercise and outdoor play remains an important part of helping younger children grow up to be healthy and strong. That’s not to mention the numerous emotional and social benefits of toddlers playing with their peers.

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